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7 Amazing Benefits of Having a Countertop Water Filters

Countertop WF

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Clean water has become more important than ever today. With the Covid-19 pandemic still on the rise, it’s hard to trust the safety of your tap water. Furthermore, bottled water in the market has become scarce. With people panic-buying here and there, an alternative solution for the scarcity of clean water is needed.

Various water filters and filtration systems have become the next big thing. Demands for this equipment have been steadily rising. And, one of the most common types is the countertop water filter. Despite the government’s efforts in providing clean water to the public, with the pandemic still ongoing, one can never be too sure.

Since tap water is the best primary source of water, having a countertop water filter at your side will help you achieve a greater guarantee in the safety of consuming this water. These countertop water filters were built to eliminate chemicals that may have harmful effects on our bodies. But knowing what type of countertop water filter to buy is essential.

The next best source of water would be bottled water but your wallet might take a really big hit in the long run. The installation of countertop water filters is mainly for accessibility and cost-effectiveness. No wonder the hype of countertop garnered quite the attention.

How Do Countertop Water Filters Work?

Countertop water filters have a variation of old models and new ones. Old versions of countertop filters don’t have replaceable cartridges that are present in newer versions. However, the variety of old and new models do not hinder the main purpose of having safe water to drink.

Countertop water filters are generally simple in principle and easy to use. A countertop water filter has a diverter tube which would be attached to the sink. The purpose of this diverter tube is to divert the tap water coming from the sink into the filter.

The filter would be placed beside the sink and above the countertop. It also has cartridges that contain the replaceable filters. These cartridges will filter the water and come out from the filter’s faucet and onto the sink. 

This type of water filter primarily uses an activated carbon filter and a sediment filter to filter out chemicals like chlorine and fluoride as well as dirt and any other debris and particles the tap water carries from the pipes.

Countertop Filtration System

What Are The Benefits Of A Countertop Water Filter?

  1.     Safe to drink

The priority of a countertop water filter or any kind of water filter is to ensure tap water is clean and safe to drink. Having countertop water filters available at home is convenient since the sources of tap water can’t filter out all the chemicals of which many are unaware.

Tap water that has an unpleasant odor or taste can be an indicator that water is unsafe to drink. The color of the water also plays a vital part in knowing that the water might contain substances that can have harmful effects on our bodies.

  1.     Healthier water source

As mentioned previously, tap water contains chemicals that are carried by the water as it flows through the pipes towards your house. Countertop water filters help in providing chemical and substance-free water.

Filtering water will reduce the chances of dangers with the water you drink. A healthier water source will have a great impact on the health of the body.

  1.     Cost-effective

Not many buy countertop water filters because of their belief that tap water is enough. This and the idea of spending money might discourage them from purchasing one. However, this will help in reducing the expenditures you have on bottled water bought outside.

Using a countertop water filter is great for everyday use. Installing it will only take you a small amount of time. Spending on a countertop water filter will be cheaper when you think about other costs that you may pay with water complications.

  1.     Eco-friendly

Bottled water is considered safer to many because of its meticulous processes but plastic is not environmentally friendly. Bottled water is not biodegradable and has a great impact on the soil and waters of the earth. Using plastic is also affecting us, humans.

A countertop water filter is eco-friendly and cost-effective when it comes to giving fresh and clean water to drink. This does not compromise the environment and living creatures.

  1.     Easy installation

The countertop water filter has a complete filtering system. And just as the name suggests, it is placed on top of the counter beside the sink where you can connect to the tap. You don’t need to install it anywhere else.

After everything is set up, you can get your fresh and clean water with just a push of a button. Maintenance is straightforward and you just need to change filters annually or what is recommended in the guideline.

  1.     Easy maintenance

The cost-effectiveness of countertop water filters can be seen in its durability. Once purchased, you will enjoy an endless supply of freshwater and it comes fully assembled. You only have to attach it yourself.

The maintenance schedule is not necessary because you will only replace filters according to its recommended guideline. Everything is straightforward, especially how to install and its guidelines.

Countertop water filters are better than pitcher filters and faucet filters in terms of its maintenance. This is because countertop water filters do not clog as easily and as much compared to others due to larger filter surfaces.

  1.     Tastier water

As with most water filters, one key feature is to filter out the unpleasant tastes and odors that the water may have. These unwanted odors and tastes can come from harmless sources of which may not be noticed.

Drinking tap water may cause problems to arise especially when weird tastes and odors are coming from the water. This may lead to buying bottled water in bulk which is costly or drinking less than what your body needs.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best solution for unpleasant tastes and odor, or dubious-looking tap water, countertop water filters are for you to use to filter the water straight into your glass. Countertop water filters are portable and can be used at home or at work. It’s a good investment with many benefits to reap.

With proper maintenance and depending on your water usage, your countertop water filter can last for several years. It has a great impact on not only our health and well-being but also to our environment.

The countertop filters can ONLY filter the water coming into your glass for drinking purposes. If you are wanting to reduce contaminants from your shower, sinks, bathrooms, faucets and all taps in your entire house, checkout our line of whole house water filters.

Table of Contents

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