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How to Purify Water That Is Safe For Drinking Without Chemicals

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Water is one of our greatest necessities. The human body is made up of 70% of water, and maintaining hydration is a must for survival. We start to lose function when we are dehydrated and not all sources of water are drinkable.

Nowadays, water purification becomes a must to learn and have, especially with possible chemicals that are harmful to the body. With methods present that help purifying water, getting a safe source of water is easier.

There are four known ways of purifying water. However, chlorination is excluded in this article due to its chemical involvement. Each of these methods is aimed to purify water in different ways that you are comfortable with.

Importance of Purified Water

The source of clean water has been a thing since the ancient civilizations. Its main purpose is to quench the thirst of the people. As the technology evolved, methods of purification have come a long way and helped society in acquiring safe water.

The search for an efficient purification system is significant to a growing society because water pollution has become reality and it is now harder to find clean water sources. Purification systems help in giving the masses clean and safe water consistently.

Approximately 3.4 million people die every day because of contaminated water. Consuming water with unknown substances will result in an unhealthy body and many water-related diseases.

Purified water ensures that you are healthy and well. The water must be treated to avoid any risks of contracting diseases and slow-acting deterioration of health. However, treated water can also bring harm to the body despite being deemed safe.

Chemical-Free Purification Methods

Purification methods have their variety of techniques, and they can range from manual purification to machinery and substances. This article will provide purification methods that are both chemical-free and cost-effective.


Boiling is the most basic method of purification. It is also a reliable way of purifying water sources at home and camping sites. There is a requirement of how long the water needs to boil for it to be safe; 1-3 minutes should suffice

Filtration Systems

Filter systems have a variety of methods in purifying water through filtration. This method does not stop at using machinery alone because it also utilizes the use of technological advancement to purify eco-friendly water.

  • Purification Drops – oxygen is said to destroy bacteria and cleans poison out. One of these is Stabilized Oxygen Water Purification Drops. It can be used medicinally and is better than chlorination and hydrogen peroxide.

This kind of purification is safe and kills bacteria in water and wounds. Its purification is quite efficient in both the water and body. It is an ideal item to be carried around.

  • Ultraviolet Light – Ultraviolet light is shaped just like a regular flashlight. However, its light can kill the bacteria that are present in the water. You swish the light around the water. It’s convenient to carry around because it is lightweight. But you just need to remember to bring spare batteries.
  • Gravity Filters – Believe it or not, gravity filters are a thing in the market. It’s one of the options of filtration systems. This filter requires a container that would drain at the bottom and pour it into the top.

It goes through multiple filters that would gradually dispose of particles and sediments. If the water source at home is cloudy, then this will clear up the water. It’s also better for drinking than tap water.

  • Portable Filters – portable filters are exactly what they are as they are named. These can generally be carried around without hassle and is a convenient use when out camping.

Portable water filters are specially made for people who go hiking or backpacking. This will eliminate the possibility of ingesting microorganisms when refilling on any water source you come across. 


The sun is one of the methods of purification. This method is quite easy to do since you just need a clear container to ensure that the light has no obstructions and the sun. This traditional method can be used in the absence of others.

The only flaw for this method is that you cannot control the weather. The sun purification method will likely be susceptible to mosquitoes and become an ideal breeding area. 


Distillation is a process of collecting pure water in the form of vapor while utilizing heat. This method is effective because water has a lower boiling point than other substances which is easier to obtain.

The water source is subjected to heating and as it boils, the water vapor goes through a glass tube connected to the apparatus where the vapor cools and turns into precipitates. This is then collected in a different container.

This, however, is not for large-scale purification that can be commercialized. It can only be used in small amounts but this will ensure that the water you use is safe from microorganisms

Water Sources We Can Purify

Water sources can be found within the home or out during camping. These water sources are not exactly easy to obtain but it does help that what is listed below can be a potential source of water when outside or within your home.

  • Well water
  • Mountain streams
  • Lakes or reservoir
  • Springs 
  • Rainwater – Collecting rainwater is considered illegal to some places so one should be careful about which state you are from. The most accessible water source is rainwater but this also depends on the weather.

What are we purifying water from?

Water sources that are being distributed all around can contain chlorine and other chemicals to treat tap water. Many are now aware that tap water is not foolproof safe to drink and use within and out of the house.

Aside from chemicals, there is also a problem with bacteria and other microorganisms that causes health issues, especially with long-term usage of the water without the use of purification.

Final Thoughts

It is good that we can purify the water that we use whenever and wherever we need a clean source but that should not stop us from fighting for the quality and quantity of clean water being distributed to the masses.

Everyone has a right to obtain clean water and be able to use it. Purification is important because chemicals are mixing into the water we use and drink. This will lead to health issues and deaths when not taken care of. Clean and healthy water can only be obtained through chemicals and non-chemical means of purification. One should be aware that as society grows, the need for clean water increases.

If you’re interested in providing clean and safe water for your home, check out of line of whole house water filters. See more here


Table of Contents

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