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AquaOx DF 12 (Removes Viruses & Bacteria)


How do you remove bacteria from water? The AquaOx Disinfection Filter removes harmful viruses and bacteria from the water coming into your home making sure your family is protected. The DF is installed inline with the pipes like a UV light water filter but does not require power to operate and does not require replacement bulbs. Using Quantum Disinfection technology, the AquaOx DF disinfects the water, removing harmful bacteria and viruses from your drinking water and bath water. If you are wondering how to filter total coliform bacteria or harmful contaminants from your well water, this is the answer.

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Superior Virus and Bacteria Water Filtration

What is Quantum Disinfection™?

Quantum Disinfection™ (QD) is a new technology that uses the quantum mechanic principles of electron movement to create catalytic active surfaces (positively charged) that can disintegrate any microorganism instantly, upon contact.

In more detail, QD refers to (1) a technology that allows the creation of (2) new composite materials with (3) particular disinfection capacities:

  1. The QD technology uses the general principals of the “Doping” technique, recentlydiscovered in the filed of advanced semiconductors, coupled with the high disinfectionproprieties of cationic Silver;
  2. The QD media represents alumina based ceramics (fig. & tab. here bellow) tuned withone layer of titanium dioxide (called Acceptor Support) and another layer of silver (calledActive Phase). These two layers influence each other and create at the alumna surface astrong cationic filed, + 1.4 eV (called Active Surface);
  3. The QD phenomenon is related to the disintegration of the microorganisms that touchedthe Active Surface of the QD media. The strong cationic filed attracts and rips of theelectrons from the external membranes, enzymatic layers or DNA reproducible sequences ofany microorganism that get into a direct contact with the QD media.
bacteria filtration media

Bacteria and Virus Removal Chart

Microorganism (MO)MO typeBest germicide
(log reduction/100ml)
Certified Laboratory
Pseudomonas aeruginosaBacterialog 7PIL, Proteus
Escherichia coliBacterialog 7EPA, Avazyme, Eurofine,
Microbac, Proteus,
Ackuritlabs, GDCM, BFML
Staphylococcus aureusBacterialog 7PIL, Proteus, BFML
Eterococcus hiraeBacterialog 10Ackuritlabs, PIL, Proteus
Legionella adelaidensisBacterialog 6Proteus
Citrobacter spBacterialog 5PIL
MS2Viruslog 6Avazyme, QFT Laboratory
Candida albicansYeastlog 5Proteus
Anabaena constrictaAlgaelog 5Proteus
CryptosporidiumProtozoalog 5Eurofines

How does Quantum Disinfection™ Work As A Water Filter That Removes Bacteria and Viruses

Obviously, the germicidal capacities of the QD media are acquired due to the presence of the silver at their surface. In the same time, besides the efforts of the scientists from all over the world, the action mechanism of silver against microorganisms remains is not entirely understood. Our hypothesis for our QD silver based product is the following:

The silver at the QD surfaces is in a high cationic state (1.4 eV). This electron discharge is achieved due to the presence of the TiO2 layer which, in the QD spacial spatial arrangement, size and bonding level, influence the Ag layer as follows: the big cation Ti4+ of the TiO2 (the layer called “Acceptor Support”), attracts closer to it the electrons from the silver above (Step 1, fig.). Due to the Ag high conductivity capacities, this effect migrates through the silver aggregates up til their surfaces. As a consequence, the surface of the QD media found itself in lack of electrons and acts just like a discharged active field powerful enough to ripoff the electrons (e-) from any microorganisms with which it comes into a direct contact (Step 2).

Moreover, once removed for the microorganisms (MO), the e- are instantly released in the water, without no influence on the electron discharged field at the surface of the QD media (Step 3). This catalytic behavior induce a permanent germicidal activity ensuring that no microorganism can stay alive once in contact with Quantum Disinfection™ media. As a conclusion, the QD electron discharged field causes the entire structure of the microorganisms to collapse at the quantum level, instantly, at contact. TPC measurements confirm the bacteria (E. coli) DNA is also instantly destroyed in this electron exchange. Any microorganism that touches the Quantum Disinfection™ media is ceases to exist completely.

Is There Bacteria In Municipal Water?

The EPA tests public water supplies and has given guidelines for what bacteria and toxins are allowed to be in municipal water, but a significant number of municipalities do not meet those standards.

Additionally, even if the water leaves the water treatment center without any bacteria present, the pipes in your city and home may not be sanitary.

Because most city water supply systems filter and treat your drinking water to prevent bacteria growth, the city water filtration systems depend heavily on bacteria removal through chemical purification, which prevents diseases but causes toxic by products.

Chloroform and other volatile organic compounds are known to be the result of city water treatment processes, and the environmental protection agency recommends careful monitoring and filtering of all drinking water, whether city or rural.

Is There Bacteria In Well Water?

Private wells are, well, private. If you want to know what waterborne pathogens may be present in the drinking water you are accessing through your well, you will have to independently choose to have it tested.

There are a lot of ways to have your water tested – from mail-in kits to hiring a professional to come run a comprehensive test in person.

What Kind of Bacteria Are Found In Tap Water?

There are two common types of bacteria that thrive in untreated water:

Coliform Bacteria

This type of bacteria includes both beneficial and disease causing bacteria. There are many types of coliform bacteria, and these are alive in plants, soil, and animal (including human) digestive tracts. As long as they are under control, they are a good thing. An overgrowth can cause issues though, and needs to be treated.

Heterotrophic Bacteria

Heterotrophic bacteria is not considered dangerous either, but when its counts are high, that generally indicates that the conditions of the water are perfect for other types. If you see high counts here, you need to test for E. Coli and other dangerous bacteria.

How To Remove Bacteria From Drinking Water

Usually a municipality will issue a boil advisory when there are viruses or bacteria in your water. Boiling your water can be very tedious and time consuming since no one wants to drink boiling water. You’ve got to wait for it to cool down. Boiling your water also only kills the harmful viruses and bacteria but it does not work for removing bacteria. Think about that. Boiling it kills it but leaves it in the water.

The AquaOx DF system kills and removes the harmful bacteria or virus from your whole home’s water supply. After the AquaOx DF is installed on your house, you can walk up to any faucet in your entire home and fill up a glass of bacteria and virus free water without having to boil in and cool it down.

Why A Whole House Filtration System Instead Of A Kitchen Sink Filter?

If we are concerned about drinking water that may have tap water contaminants, then why bother with whole house water filter? Aren’t there kitchen sink and bottle filter systems that can purify our drinking water without going that extreme?

Removing Contaminants from Our Bathing And Showering Water

Our skin is our largest organ, and has an incredible ability to absorb. This is why topical treatments are common for hormones and pain relief. Without whole house water filters, your body is barraged with chemicals and toxins through your skin every time you wash your hands or take a bath or shower.

Preventing Airborn Toxins From Being Breathed in Steam

Not only is our skin susceptible, but when we take hot baths and showers the steam is full of chlorine by products.

What About Reverse Osmosis System?

Reverse osmosis systems have been considered the gold standard for a long time, and they are truly good at removing bacteria and minerals from the water, but they have a short life for their filter cartridge, can have pinhole leaks, and a reverse osmosis membrane is a little bit finicky, and must be kept clean.

The other long term downside to using reverse osmosis filters instead of a carbon filtration system for dealing with harmful bacteria, is that reverse osmosis not only removes toxins and bacteria, but also your essential minerals. This leaves you with water that is hard to absorb and even harder on your piping system. This makes reverse osmosis water filters great for your heavy metals and drinking water, but not so great for your whole life.

Pitcher filters are another option for bacteria and viruses, but is the filter capable with keeping up with an entire family?

Filtered water is not a luxury, it’s an essential. However, the overall filter life for your system, the level of bacteria in your water supply, and your water hardness level should all be considered when choosing your water filtration system for your family.

whole house bacteria water filter


AquaOx DF is
rated for 250,000
gallons of use


The AquaOx DF unit is
50% smaller than other
disinfection technology 

The Future Of Bacteria and Virus Protection

The AquaOx Disinfection Filter is a revolutionary new whole house water disinfection unit that works in conjunction with the AquaOx Whole House Water Filter to give amazing protection to your entire home. Using it with a house water filtration system means you will get a superior water quality for drinking, bathing, cooking, etc.

Using the same technology used by commercial-grade disinfection units, these water filters have been engineered to deliver fresh, clean, tasty drinking water, no matter how far — or close — you live to civilization.

This top-level quality enables us to deliver year-round protection — even when the power goes out.

You see, our system uses the Quantum Disinfection™ system. This water filter uses surface charges to destroy incoming bacteria.

And replacement filters

Easy Installation. No Power Needed. No Chemicals Needed.

Plus, with the super-small footprint of our latest unit, you can install this in small homes without performing plumbing gymnastics.

Welcome to the future of clean water.

We built this system for our own use.

We wanted a unit that would not only remove potentially harmful bacteria, but one that could also reduces chlorine, fluoride and nitrates. It also needed to be a compact unit.

Needless to say, the engineering process was challenging.

We went through multiple iterations before we settled on this design. The end result is a carefully engineered unit that uses micron-level specificity of the Quantum Disinfection™ unit to create consistent disinfection and reduction of these harmful chemicals through surface catalytic reactions.

But we weren’t through.

Before we could trust it to filter the water our children would be drinking, we needed to test it at the highest standard.

That’s why the AquaOx DF went through a 2 years evaluation process. Millions of gallons were run through these use units under numerous point-of-entry situations.

Today, we are proud to pour a glass of water for our kids, knowing that they are drinking some of the purest water available.

e coli water filter

Weight 2.4188 lbs
Dimensions 15.8125 × 3.5625 × 3.5625 in


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