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The Benefits of Being Hydrated and How Water Filtration Helps

As you may already know, 60 percent of our body is primarily composed of water. A large chunk of it is flushed out to help easily remove harmful foreign substances that manage to get inside our system. As we lose a significant amount of it, it’s necessary to drink more water to prevent ourselves from getting dehydrated and obtaining preventable health problems

Aside from staying hydrated, it’s also necessary to drink water in order to gain the various health benefits that it contains. 

Here, we’re going to show you some of the benefits of keeping yourself hydrated and how using a whole house water filter can boost their effects.

The Importance of Staying Hydrated

According to Harvard, it’s crucial for us to drink the necessary amount of water every day to keep our bodies functioning properly. Without water, your body starts to breakdown and is unable to function properly which can lead to further major health concerns.

Your body is like a machine and water is the oil that helps everything move properly. This keeps both the internal and external parts of your body to be well maintained and can also improve your overall mental health.

Benefits of Keeping Yourself Hydrated

Body Temperature Regulation

Our body adapts to the current temperature conditions in the environment by either cooling or heating itself. It does this by either expanding or contracting the blood vessels around the skin in order to keep our bodies cool during the summer heat or warm on a cold day.

By staying hydrated, our bodies become sensitive to the environment, making it quicker to adapt to small suddens changes happening around it. 

Healthy Looking Skin

Water affects your skin and health. A good example of this is that it increases the elasticity of your skin, making your face look younger, and lowers the chances of producing wrinkles. 

Another benefit is that it’s able to balance out the oil and water levels of your skin which prevents an acne breakout from occurring.

Cleans Your Body both Inside and Out

Several parts of the excretory system require large amounts of water to properly dispose of waste products from your body. One of the organs that need water is the kidneys.

The kidneys need water to remove the waste from our blood and remove it all through urine. If water is lacking then there’s a large possibility of the formation of kidney stones and a urinary tract infection.

Improves the Performance on both Muscles and Joints

As said before, our body is like a machine and it needs water to lubricate each part to move properly. As our joints and muscles are responsible for helping us move around, it requires a lot of water to function properly.

Water assists our muscles and joints by allowing nutrients to enter and waste to exit, increasing its overall performance. If we’re dehydrated,  waste and nutrient transfer around the muscles can’t catch up to our movements which can lead to muscle cramps.

Helps with Weight Loss

According to Healthline, drinking the appropriate amount of water to keep you hydrated can help increase your satiety and metabolic rate. This means that by continuous exercise and water intake, you’re able to increase weight loss by burning more calories compared to the amount you lose whenever you’re dehydrated.

How a Water Filtration System Impacts your Health

As drinking water is a necessity for us to stay healthy, it’s important to use a water filtration system such as a whole house water filter or a water softener to prevent ourselves from ingesting any dangerous foreign substance. 

Pollution and disease have become rampant in today’s world that it’s now almost impossible for our local water system to remove the various dangerous contaminants in our local water supply. These contaminants may either be:

  • Hard Water
  • Organic or Inorganic Chemicals
  • Disease-causing Pathogens

In order to prevent all of these contaminants from entering our home, it’s necessary for every home to have a whole house water filter. Even doctors have now recommended this to all homeowners to prevent themselves from getting serious health problems because of drinking unfiltered water.

Advantages of a Whole House Water Filter

By installing a whole house water filter in your home, you’re able to have a number of advantages and can even amplify the benefits of drinking water. 

Prevents Hard Water

Hard water is a type of water that contains large amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. They’re impossible to remove with soap and can stick to your skin for a good number of days. This can cause a lot of skin problems such as irritation and even acne.

With the use of a whole house water filter, it’s able to prevent the hard water from entering into your pipes which allows you to bathe in clean soft water.

Keeps Dangerous Chemicals Away

Dangerous chemicals such as Lead, Mercury, and Chlorine can easily enter your local water system due to the low-quality filtration rate. With this, it’s near dangerous to drink, or even bathe by using unfiltered tap water. 

By having a water filtration system in your home, it filters out all types of chemicals which provides you the safety of knowing that your shower and tap is running on purified water that’s free from any harmful chemical.

Removes Harmful Bacteria

Bacteria such as E.Coli are able to thrive in areas that lack sunlight and has high humidity. This makes your local water supply a habitable environment for them to multiply and infect people. 

Having a whole house water filter prevents these dangerous bacteria from even getting close to you or your family members. It’s able to stop them through a filter, and some can even kill them using UV radiation.

It’s important for us to stay hydrated at all times to stay healthy and prevent ourselves from getting any probable health issues. Though in order to stay safe, it’s necessary to drink filtered water which is why it’s important to have a whole house water filter running in your home. 

If you need more information about whole house water filters, don’t hesitate to contact us. 


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