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Water Filters for Gardening - Is Filtered Water Good For Plants?

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If there’s one good thing that the pandemic has brought to people, it’s the fact that everyone now has so much time on their hands. During this pandemic, people now have time for their families, pets, learning new skills, and hobbies.

Of course, this is not to say that we like what’s happening but what we’re saying is that it’s good to make the most of what we have. Perhaps one of the hobbies a lot of people has picked up is taking care of plants. Just take a look at this photo from Japan.

A train in Japan filled with people holding plants.

Whether it’s food gardening or taking care of succulents, cacti, ornamental plants, house plants, or any plants for that matter, a lot of people learned to love taking care of plants. With so much time on our hands plus the fact that we can grow our food which helps greatly during this pandemic, it’s not surprising how a lot of people became attracted to plants and gardening. 

Moreover, there are a lot of benefits to taking care of plants.

A train in Japan filled with people holding plants.

Benefits of Caring for Plants

According to The Sill, studies have shown that:

  • Plants improve mood, productivity, creativity, and focus.
  • Plants reduce stress and even help alleviate fatigue and colds.
  • Plants help purify the air.
  • Add life to the environment.
  • Plants are therapeutic.

But if you’re new to gardening, taking care of plants can be a challenge. While taking care of plants may sound easy, there are a lot of things that you have to know so your plants grow well. 

Otherwise, you could kill your plants… if you haven’t yet. One of the major factors in taking care of indoor plants and outdoor plants is watering. A common mistake beginners do is overwatering their plants. Another is by using tap water. 

While using tap water to water plants might seem harmless, it can cause several negative effects. Combine the use of chlorinated tap water and overwatering, one will cause a cycle of detrimental damage to the plants, especially if they are more sensitive plants such as spider plants.

Is Filtered Water Good for Plants?

Filtered Water is Free of Impurities

When you think about it, plants in their natural environment get water from the rain and the humidity of the air. These natural sources of water are free of any impurities which can be present in tap water.

The impurities found in tap water depends on where you are from. Some of these impurities can be harmful to both people and plants. To ensure optimum plant growth, using a water filter can remove harmful chemicals and minerals that may not be good for the plants.

Plants react differently to tap water depending on their species and depending on the contaminants found in the water. However, do remember that plants in their natural environment get their water from the rain and humidity.

Those are healthy sources of water free from some of the contaminants found in tap water or any other sources of water.

Filtered Water Ensures No Damage to Plants

The harm that tap water does to plants can manifest as browning of the leaves. It’s not a pretty sight and all your efforts of ensuring your plants are looking perfect would have been in vain.

Especially if you want aesthetic looking plants, you will want to avoid browning of the leaves at all costs.

Making great use of water filters for watering plants ensures that this does not happen and that your plants are always in tip-top shape. Moreover, there can be elements in tap water that can do more harm than browning of the leaves to certain types of plants.

This is also true for water from different sources such as a well. While there are elements that are healthy for plants, there are also harmful contaminants, and depending on the location or source, the harmful contaminants can outweigh the beneficial elements.

This is why it’s important to use water filters for your plants to ensure no harmful contaminants are present in the water you’ll be watering them with.

Better than Boiling Tap Water

While boiling water seems like the perfect solution in getting rid of unwanted contaminants, boiling water can actually do more harm. While boiling water does get rid of bacteria and certain chemicals, those that don’t evaporate remain in the water.

What’s worse is that some of the elements in the water become concentrated. This just makes the water even more harmful to plants.

Moreover, boiling water actually deoxygenates it. What is the importance of oxygen? While plants make use of carbon dioxide, their roots actually breathe oxygen. Using water that has a higher concentration of minerals and is deoxygenated can be detrimental to plants.

Getting the Optimum pH Level

Certain species of plants require a certain pH level. While soil on their own has its own pH level, the water you use can affect the pH level of the soil. Different sources of water can have varying pH levels.

According to UMass Extension, “water with high alkalinity can adversely affect the pH of the growing medium, interfering with nutrient uptake and causing nutrient deficiencies which compromise plant health.”

Filtering your water can help you achieve the ideal pH level of the water for your plants by removing contaminants and natural minerals. 

Convenient to Use

Water filters are very convenient and easy to use. With water filters, you no longer have to let water sit, boil water, and do any other types of methods to ensure the water you will use for your plants is safe for them.

Moreover, a filtration system that uses an activated carbon filter will provide a better water quality that is not only good for the plants but are ideal for you and your family as well. Contaminants that can be found in water are not just harmful to plants but they can be harmful to humans as well.

It also eliminates the need to continually purchase distilled water or bottled water.

Good for Plants and Good for You

If you are serious about your plant’s health and of course, you and your family’s health as well, water filters are important items to have. They help ensure clean and healthy water, can help restore the right pH level, and are convenient to use.

When you really think about it, a water filter is a must-have item not just for plants but for your family as well. For your plants, if you want them to grow well, look their best and be stunning, water filters can definitely help.

You can never go wrong with water filters. If you don’t have one yet at home, purchase a house water filtration system that uses granular activated carbon filters for optimum water quality. Begin to grow healthy and the most gorgeous plants. See more here

Did you learn something new from this article? Let us know in the comment section below.

Table of Contents

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